FCC Exclusive: Introducing Monero Web Mining Platform – earthcdc.org

Introducing Monero Web Mining Platform001

Monero (XMR) is an open-source cryptocurrency created in April 2014 which features ring signature technology to provide transactions with complete privacy among senders and receivers.

The first exchange that supports XMR/USD trading is Poloniex (July 2014). And later Bitfinex started its XMR trading in November 2016. The third exchange Kraken joined XMR trading in January 2017.

Introducing Monero Web Mining Platform002

(price quote in USDT from Poloniex as 21/12/2017)

Introducing Monero Web Mining Platform003

Apart from usual blockchain security features and being able to stay completely anonymous during transactions, XMR also allows user to mine XMR coins using web mining technology. Any one with a PC can simply click into our weblink and start mining(yes earning money) when their PC CPU is not 100% utilised. You will not need to invest heavily into PC hardware like expensive graphics cards to start mining.

You will only need to click into


And then set up a mining ID name that you prefer and try to test how many number of threads gives you the best balance between Hashes per second and your PC’s CPU usage (8-16 range is recommended). Now, sit back and wait to see how many XMR coins will be mined to you. We will take a 10% service fee from your mined XMR coins.

Introducing Monero Web Mining Platform004Introducing Monero Web Mining Platform004

If you are interested to join our web mining project, please email your mining ID to


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