FCC: CS Blockchain Agency — project management automation https://t.co/LNDOuTcYBn — Cripto (@fccripto) March 14, 2018

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The challenge

How to make an automatic system to pay developers for their work? How to distribute payment based b the amount of their contribution to the project — by the amount of code, by the value of skill?

Agency is our new approach to project management and distributes work among our developers. We tried to develop a software that allows us to automatically distribute tokens depends on the skill of developers and amount of developers in the product.

Smart Contracts
Single Page Application
The result

We successfully develop an application allow us to try the new approach to distribute payment in tokens based on developer skills. The application allows us to better-understood technology and blockchain itself.

Learn more about our projects and services: https://concisesoftware.com/

Originally published at concisesoftware.com.

BlockchainSmart ContractsEthereumConcise SoftwareAgency

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